Asphalt or Concrete Paving?

Asphalt and Concrete are the two most common materials in paving. Before you decide which route to take, here are some quick facts about the two materials in a nutshell.


  • Costs roughly 35% more than asphalt
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Loses fresh appearance after a few years
  • Ice can cause concrete to buckle
  • Salt erodes concrete


  • Less expensive to replace, but more frequent repairs needed
  • High traffic or hot weather degrades asphalt faster
  • Easy to repair

Let Paving Company Rockville decided whether asphalt or concrete paving is the right choice for your project. In general, we usually recommend asphalt because it is easier to repair and less expensive to replace than concrete. In addition, it is holding up better under winter conditions. Since many of our projects are residential, we generally like to recommend this type of paving. However, if roads experiencing heavy traffic should be informed that frequent repairs will be needed to make the road look like new again.

Concrete has made numerous improvements over the years. There are developments in self-healing concrete that fills in cracks by itself. We have even heard of self-illuminating concrete that uses solar power.

Hiring an experienced paver will make it much easier to decide between these two great options. Let Paving Company Rockville fulfill all your paving needs today!

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