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The significant cost of installing a new driveway or paving a commercial parking lot encourages many homeowners and businesses to search for a long-lasting, durable option that can deliver the best cost-efficiency over time. There is a reason that asphalt is the most commonly used material for residential and commercial paving. Asphalt inherently possesses many properties that make it ideal for use in high traffic areas. In addition to this, it also displays exceptional resistance to deterioration when exposed to the elements. Although on its own, asphalt can withstand years of wear and tear, adding a seal coat can further extend its life expectancy. Paving Company Rockville provides expert assistance with the maintenance and care of any asphalt surface to ensure our customers get the most life out of their driveways, parking lots, walkways, etc. 

How to Protect Your Asphalt
Asphalt surfaces can be subjected to a variety of harsh conditions from day to day, including exposure to UV radiation, moisture, and the force of impacts and abrasions. These things can slowly take a toll on the condition and appearance of your asphalt and lead to serious problems that will require costly repaving or resurfacing. Seal coating gives asphalt surfaces a layer of additional protection and prevents water, chemicals, and other harmful contaminants from permeating your asphalt where it can cause significant destruction below the surface. Seal coats can be reapplied every several months to provide asphalt surfaces such as driveways or parking lots with continuous protection against damage and deterioration. 

Seal Coating Options
Not all asphalt sealcoating products are alike. It is important to use a high quality seal coat that can offer reliable, long lasting protection for your asphalt. To ensure that we help our customers get the maximum number of years out of their asphalt, our company only uses top of the line products that meet our high expectations and stringent standards. Our experts can discuss various seal coating options with you to determine which is the right solution for your needs. 

Seal Coating Schedule
The frequency with which seal coating should be reapplied to an asphalt surface will vary depending on a number of factors, such as the volume of traffic that the surface handles on a day to day basis. Based on our experience and expertise, we can provide customers with professional guidance regarding the maintenance and care of any asphalt surface. We will help you determine a suitable schedule for resealing your parking lot or driveway that both fits your budget and delivers reliable protection.

Residential and Commercial Paving
Paving Company Rockville is one of the top asphalt paving contractors for residential and commercial paving. Our company has worked on numerous projects throughout Rockville, MD including new installs, extensions, repairs, resurfacing, and more. We are proud of the work that we produce and we are willing to stand behind the quality of our workmanship and service. There is no better choice for professional and affordable asphalt services in the area.

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