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From commercial parking lots to residential driveways, the experts at Paving Company Rockville have had a hand in installing and repairing many of the blacktop surfaces in and around Rockville, Maryland throughout the years.
​Considered one of the most reliable and professional asphalt paving contractors in the area, our company has built its reputation through hard work and commitment.

We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction in everything that we do. Whether we are resurfacing, repaving, or seal coating an asphalt surface, our customers know they can count on us to deliver workmanship that meets and exceeds their expectations. 

Asphalt Companies in Maryland
Paving Company Rockville is an established and reputable asphalt paving Maryland contractor based out of Rockville, MD. We are one of the leading residential and commercial paving companies in MD.

While the work that we do may not be glamorous, we take pride in consistently delivering outstanding results that exceed the expectations of our customers. We are passionate about what we do and we continually strive to learn, improve, and grow. Although we have years of experience in the industry, we are always eager to find ways to better serve our customers and their needs. 

Driveway Paving Maryland
We specialize in paving your driveway as a premiere Maryland paving company. Whether you need your driveway extended, replaced, or newly installed, we can do it. No job is too big or too small for us!

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Our Services

Asphalt Paving Maryland

​With proper maintenance, the life expectancy of asphalt can be extended significantly. Our company ensures that customers receive professional asphalt installations, high quality seal coating, and reliable maintenance and repair services through the years to help them best performance and longevity out of their asphalt surfaces. We can assist with the installation or repair of driveways, walkways, parking lots, roads, and more. 
Here’s a partial list:

  • New asphalt driveway
  • Parking lot resurfacing
  • Resurface asphalt driveway

New Asphalt Driveway

Driveway Paving Maryland

Driveways help to connect private properties to public roads, ensuring that vehicles have easy access to and from homes and businesses throughout the city. It is up to homeowners and businesses to install and maintain the condition and appearance of their driveways over time. Do you need asphalt driveway resurfacing? ​We are the best driveway pavers and our company offers professional asphalt paving services to assist our customers with a wide range of needs. From pothole repairs to driveway seal coating, give us a call for fast, affordable, and professional blacktop services.

New Installs & Extensions

Patio pavers

We offer professional asphalt installations for new residential construction projects and commercial developments. Our team can assist with parking lot paving, driveway installations, walkway construction, and more. No matter the scale of the project or the complexity of the job, our experienced asphalt pavers will ensure that the work is completed to your satisfaction. We can also help seamlessly add an extension to any existing asphalt surfaces.

​Seal Coating

Maryland Paving

Seal coating is one of the best ways to ensure that an asphalt surface lasts longer and requires fewer repairs over the course of its lifetime. It adds a layer of protection that helps to prevent water, chemicals, UV radiation, and other damaging elements from penetrating the surface of the asphalt and causing accelerated deterioration. Seal coating should be reapplied once every several months to ensure that the asphalt is not left exposed. For more information about asphalt seal coating, please speak with our experts. 

​Line Striping

Line striping can help to delineate parking spaces, guide traffic flow, and quickly convey information that will allow drivers to navigate through a parking lot more easily and safely. Our company provides clear and precise line striping for commercial parking lots of all sizes. We can help you reduce chaos and bring order to your parking lot.

​Pothole Repair

Not only do potholes threaten the integrity of your asphalt, but they can also increase the wear and tear on your vehicle. What may initially seem more like an eyesore than a serious problem can quickly lead to much bigger issues. We always recommend that our customers contact us for assistance as soon as possible if they notice any damage to the surface of their asphalt. Minor issues can escalate into irreversible deterioration if ignored. Our company offers residential and commercial asphalt repair services to help homeowners and businesses address a wide range of problems, including standing puddles of water, cracks, potholes, and more. 

​Repave & Resurface

Parking Lot Resurfacing

As asphalt begins to age, it will gradually lose its strength and resilience. Problems may begin to emerge more frequently or spread more rapidly. There are a number of different methods for repairing damaged or deteriorated concrete based on the severity of the issue. In the worst cases, resurfacing or repaving may be required to fully restore the condition and appearance of the asphalt. Our expert pavers provide fast, efficient, and effective solutions for a myriad of problems ranging in size and scope. 

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Paving contractors in Maryland

​If you are looking for patio pavers or driveway pavers with experience, honesty, and integrity, you do not have to look any further. Paving Company Rockville is a trusted name in residential and commercial asphalt paving. Contact our team today and let us know what we can help you with. We would love to answer any questions you have about our company, our team, or our services. Simply give us a call or send us an email, and our team will do their best to assist you with anything you need.

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Asphalt Companies in Maryland

MD Paving

There are so many companies to choose from in Maryland! When scoping the area, you’ll see a list of paving contractors in Maryland. Here is a partial list provided for you for your convenience. 
  • Paving Company Rockville
  • Maryland Paving, INC
  • Beltway Paving
  • O’leary Asphalt
  • Cooper Paving
  • College Park Paving
  • Aurora Paving
  • A&M Asphalt Paving
  • A C Paving, LLC
  • American Asphalt Paving co, LLC


​“I had Paving Company Rockville resurface asphalt driveway last summer and I was thrilled with the results. My driveway transformed from cracked and crumbling to perfectly seamless and even when they were finished. It was like getting a brand new driveway but for a much lower cost!” – Steven K.

​“Every year, we have the guys from Paving Company Rockville come to reseal our parking lot. Their prices are reasonable and their team is always professional, polite, and punctual. We appreciate that they always get the work done during the evening when our business is closed so that we do not have to close our parking lot off to our customers.” – Harry S.

“I highly recommend Paving Company Rockville to anyone looking for asphalt paving contractors. They did a great job installing a new walkway for us and we were delighted with how affordable their services were. We will most likely have them come back to apply a seal coating to our driveway this spring.” – Crystal M.

Our Service Area

Paving Companies in MD

We would love to come to you! Don’t hesitate if you live outside of Rockville, MD. Chances are if you are in this circle, we can make it! We serve all customers in MD and DC area!

Locations Served and Directions to Paving Company Rockville

Paving Company Rockville Expands Service Area

Loyal customers of Paving Company Rockville often make recommendations to family and friends outside of the Rockville, Maryland region. 

Paving Company Rockville announces expanded service to the entire state of Maryland in order to provide the excellent state-of-the-art services upon which the company’s reputation is built. 

Growth and Improvement - Top Priorities

With the popularity of paving driveways to add property value to homes and commercial buildings, paving companies maryland customers choose must maintain policy of continuous growth and improvement. 

When it became clear it was time to provide for paving Maryland customers across the entire state, the professional staff at Paving Company Rockville were ready to offer a full compliment of services. These include: 

  • Driveway paving with materials from loose gravel to brick 
  • Driveway repairs and maintenance to keep driveway looking like new 
  • Asphalt paving 
  • Asphalt contracting for residential and commercial projects 

Paving Materials

It takes experience and expertise to help customers choose the most aesthetically pleasing paving materials for their residential and commercial driveways. The driveway is always the first thing seen from the street and creates the first and most important lasting impression to the public passing by. 

Driveway Repairs and Maintenance

A neglected driveway can drive down property values and reduce curb appeal. Paving Company Rockville repairs, maintains and restores driveways that provide the finished look to a business or residential property. 

It’s a good idea to rely on Paving Company Rockville for driveway inspections and maintenance to prevent more costly repairs. ​

Asphalt Paving Maryland

In the Rockville area, customers rely on the skills and experience of the Paving Company team to install, maintain and repair asphalt parking lots, driveways and roads. 

Asphalt paving is most useful for roads and driveways that feature: 

  • An adequate foundation 
  • Choice of appropriate materials 
  • Timely maintenance 
  • Good construction practices 
  • Cost-effective services 

This is an example of the knowledge and skills Paving Company Rockville experts provide to their customers across the state. 

Asphalt Contracting for Residential and Commercial Projects

Paving Company Rockville offers asphalt contracting for residential and commercial projects. Due to the company’s excellent reputation, we have provided services for a wide range of municipal, industrial, business and residential projects. 

As professional paving contractors Maryland clients seek, projects are designed to meet optimal customer satisfaction from start up to completion. Asphalt contracting involves technical knowledge and attention to detail to meet customer specifications for all regions of the state of Maryland. 

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