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While even a small crack in the surface of your asphalt should not be ignored, there is no need to start panicking over minor a few minor issues. Many problems such as cracks or potholes can be repaired quickly for a relatively small cost. It is only once the deterioration becomes widespread or the damage extends deeper below the surface that more extensive repairs will be needed to restore the appearance and condition of your asphalt. 

Damaged Asphalt
In most cases, asphalt damage is readily visible and easy to spot. You may start to notice cracks forming on the surface of your driveway or stumble into a pothole on your way through the parking lot. These issues are often easy and inexpensive to repair. Our professional pavers can quickly fix any minor damage to your asphalt right away to prevent it from worsening over time. There are also other signs of damage you should be aware of, however, which are less obvious unless you are looking for them. Puddles of standing water, for instance, can indicate there is a depression in your asphalt. Correcting these issues may involve more extensive repairs that require more time and money. There are a number of different ways to deal with asphalt damage. For the most serious cases, resurfacing or repaving are typically recommended. 

As with many materials, aging can affect the strength and integrity of asphalt, rendering it more vulnerable to damage over time. The best way to give new life to asphalt surfaces that are riddled with cracks and potholes may be through asphalt resurfacing. This involves repairing the existing asphalt and covering it with an overlay to create a new surface. This method does not require the removal of any existing asphalt, which helps to cut down on time and costs. However, the new surface with have strength and integrity that is comparable to newly installed asphalt, reducing the likelihood of further problems in the immediate future. 

Although asphalt is highly durable, it has a limited life expectancy varying from 5 to 25 years depending on the amount of maintenance and care it receives. As asphalt nears the end of this life cycle, it may no longer be feasible to repair the ever-growing number of problems that emerge. In cases where the asphalt is deteriorated beyond repair, the only option may be to completely repave the damaged section. Before repaving an area, the old asphalt will need to be torn out and removed. This require more time and intensive labor, which makes it the most expensive option for restoring a deteriorated asphalt surface, however, once an asphalt surface has been repaved, its life cycle resets and it will not likely require any major repairs for many more years. 

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For badly damaged driveways, walkways, or parking lots, Paving Company Rockville offers professional repaving and resurfacing. No matter how dire of a state your asphalt is in, we can help you find an economical and effective way to address the problem. 

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